Wednesday, 23 April 2008

All about Sit N Go Poker

Sit N Go Poker or SnG (as it is popularly known), is one of the fastest growing poker games played in the online arena. Generally single-table tournaments, Sit N Go Poker require a player to go in for a fixed buy in to partake in a tournament. The buy in price that the participants pay is pooled into the pot and the pot, i.e., the prize money goes to the final three finishers.

Some 6-30 persons can participate in a Sit N Go Poker tournament; however, a game is usually started as soon as some 9 or 10 players join in/sign up. (The number of players per table in a tournament is usually determined by the online poker room organizing the tournament). To begin with, the players are given ‘play chips’; players need to make use of these play chips tactically so that they can survive till the stage when only three players are left and the game comes to an end.

Sit N Go Poker – Advantages

Unique as Sit N Go Poker is, it has its own set of advantages. Compared to more traditional forms of poker and poker tournaments, Sit N Go poker tournaments are pretty fast. Games proceed and come to and end speedily. Actually, blinds are raised frequently and sometimes even an ante is added into the game. With everyone betting/blinding away, the game progresses at a rapid pace.

This proves helpful in different ways – the rapid progression of Sit N Go Poker brings the players good opportunity to win some quick money and also adds to the thrill/excitement factor. Taking part in a Sit N Go tournament can be a rewarding experience as the adrenaline rush gives you the feeling of playing at the final table of a large tournament. All you need to do is pick up the right strategies and then you can laugh your way up winning consistently.

Sit N Go Poker – Prize Money

Speaking of prize money, the largest share of 50% goes to the first place finisher with the maximum number of chips. The second and third place finishers win 30% and 20% respectively.

Sit N Go Poker – Winning Strategies

Sit N Go Poker holds the promises for earning easy money without taking much pain; however, you will be nowhere near winning or making money unless you learn the strategies and tricks.

The best and easiest way to win in a Sit N Go poker game is to divide it into three different stages – early stage, middle stage and late/last stage – for you need to adopt a different approach in each stage.

Early Stage

It is better that you make a slow start, closely observing your opponents and following their betting patterns. At the initial stage, it is advisable that you hold on to the Queens, Kings and Aces, playing just the monster hands (that too very carefully).

Middle Stage

Arriving at the middle stage, when a few players have already been eliminated, you will need to play a few more hands, but again, very selectively.

Late Stage

As you reach the late stage, when around four players are left, start playing aggressive, making your moves. Push your chips, always taking care to win as many chips as possible so that when only three players are left you have the highest number of chips. This is all it takes to win in Sit N Go Poker.

The day you master all these tricks, you can turn a poker pro and decide to make a living from Sit N Go Poker tournaments.

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