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You may have come across various terms and phrases while playing Texas Holdem and you may have even checked out their meanings. But probably there were terms you could not find explanations to in the Poker glossary. Learning these terms can help you play better at the table and prove your worth to your opponents. So here we shall take a look at some of the terms and explain what they mean.

Slow Play:

After you have made a hand, you choose to ‘lay the weeds’, in order to make your opponents put in money into the pots even though they might have lower hands, you are slow playing the hand. You may sometimes profit from the move. However, it also holds the risk of your rival getting close to you and beating you to it. Slow Playing is a standard No Texas Limit Poker
strategy, which is feasible when you check in with a big hand.

Slow Rolling:

By prolonging the flipping over of the hole cards after your hand is over, you are slow rolling the game. Slow Rolling is not considered a very wise decision as it lowers your impression at the table. There is no point in igniting the ire of your fellow contestants by slow playing the hand when you know perfectly well that you have a winning hand. It is advisable to flip over your cards to show your opponents that you have won the hand instead of ridiculing them by slow playing.

The Nuts:

Having the Nuts means that you have the most excellent hand of the moment. What exactly is Nuts? If you happen to have a King-Jack of Diamonds for a Royal Flush, you are said to have the nuts. Nuts are inconsistent as they have a tendency to alter at every street, you may have it at the flop but it could turn out that someone else has a more favorable hand.

Card Rush:

A Card Rush is a perfect hand that can last you for consecutive hands and if you are lucky enough, it could last you for several hours too. Try to make the best possible profits out of these card rushes but be aware that they cannot last you forever. You may even encounter a negative card rush, which is when you have large hands before the flop but are still unable to make a good hand. A good example of a negative card rush is when you raise with pocket kings and an ace beats you at the flop.

Family Pot:

If all contenders at the table play for the same hand, it is referred to as a Family Pot.

Limping In:

Limping in is when you call before a flop in place of raising or folding the big blind.

Rail Bird:

A person casually watching the game is known as a Rail Bird. The term is actually considered a negative remark because a Rail Bird may often make irrelevant comments that could affect the proceeding of the game.

Sharks and Fish:

A weak player is generally referred to as a Fish and a Shark as the name suggests refers to a strong experienced player. The sharks commonly pick at the vulnerable fish, so be cautious that you are not termed as Fish. If you have been referred to as Fish, play the game to your benefit and make the best of it.

Under the Gun:

A player under the gun is the first one to act before a flop and is positioned to the left of the big blind. It is the most awful position at the table and can be very risky. However if you raise, you can still get command of the pot.

Coolers and Cold Decks:

Cooler and Cold Decks are terms used to describe your frustration over the cards. In case you strike a Cooler, it would be as though the Gods were being unfavorable to you because you may have big hands and yet be losing or starting well and still not getting anywhere. For instance, you begin with pocket aces and the flop arrives Ac-10c-Jh, you flop your set, stake out and are called. You make your wager and get a call again but when the river arrives Kc, you are beat as your opponent may have either got a flush or a straight. The only options here are for you to slow play with a good hand or just be compelled to make a choice at the showdown when your opponent has made the hand.

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