Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Taking notes in Online Poker

The feature of taking notes on the other players is a real advantage of online poker when compared to casino poker. This is feature available to you by playing poker online can be very useful but is not actually recognized and used by many online poker players.

Each time you play, if you would write tips and strategies, it would definitely add to your success in online poker. Most online poker sites provide this feature. If you leave yourself a note whenever you want to remember something, it will increase your chances of winning and will give you an advantage over others.

During a game you might have noticed that an opponent bluffs regularly, or a player who is too ambitious with his chips, or someone who Is a good player. After each game you will have made many observations about the players. And would this information not be useful when you play the same opponent some time later. Of course it will be useful. But could you remember all that if you played against him after a few months or even years? might be a very good player and might remember every bit during the game. But what happens after the game? And what after few months later?...will you remember?.....the answer is inevitably NO.

This is where the notes come in handy. If you have this habit of making notes whenever you encounter anything that you would like to remember for future, you will have an advantage when such situations arise. After every game, your mind will be full of thoughts. You will have so many conceptions about your opponents. Just make notes of them. After every big move, notes should be taken based on your observations about the opponents at the table. They will be useful when you play the same opponent some time later. And when I am giving you this advice, I have it in mind that online poker is full of regular players who play day and night and there is every chance that you will encounter the same player again.

These notes can be edited or deleted later, in case you feel that those observations don’t hold good anymore. When you start playing regularly, you will notice that you come across some regular players again and again, may be at different tables. So, keeping notes about the player’s habits, strengths and weaknesses will help you whenever you meet him again.

Suppose you are playing a person who you had played months ago and those notes show that this person is very good at bluffing. So, when you check your notes, they will tell you how to go about the pot.

You will be relieved to find this kind of information precisely when you are in need of it. You will be happy to find clearly stated information in your notes about the opponent that you are going to encounter. It can save you hand, and may be even you bankroll.

Having said all this, there are some things that you should keep in mind while making notes. The first one being that your notes should be clear enough for you to understand them later. Make sure while taking notes that you should be able to understand these notes when you look at them later. You should be able to understand completely what you have written. You can use any number of acronyms or abbreviations, the only condition being that you should be able to comprehend it later.

The second thing is that these notes should be short and concise. You must be knowing that in online poker, the hands are timed to keep the game going at a steady speed. So, if you want to use your notes while playing, you should have enough time to read and understand the note and then, decide what you want to do with it. It’s always better to keep it as short as possible, but at the same time it should be long enough to contain all the required information clearly.

You can also write self-addressed notes. These will help you in case you are going to commit the same mistake again. If you had noted it down the first time, you are sure to remember it and take care that doesn’t happen again.

Here you need not worry about your opponent observing you while you take notes. In fact there is no way they can do that. They are not even notified that you are writing notes or looking into your notes. No one can access your notes, so just write your notes for yourself.

This notes feature is there for our good and do not ignore it as many other players do. Use it for your advantage, considering the extra edge it might give you over your opponents.

Good luck!!

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