Monday, 23 February 2009

Issues to take care of in poker

In any game, there will be a few things that you should not do for sure, because they might land you in trouble later. Same is the case with poker. A single wrong move or the use of a wrong strategy might become the reason for your loss later. Many different problem arise while playing and you should know how and when to avoid them. The most deadly of these situations or ideals is when a player’s mind is tempted to think short term. It often happens that players look at the current hand instead of looking at the big picture and think about the game as a whole.

In poker, the fact remains that if you win the pot you have won the hand. After that, it hardly matters how you did it. You can say that a win is nothing but a reel in of money. Any good player needs a consistent number of wins over time, whether big or small. This also means that there will be a considerable number of losses. What the novices should take care of here is that not to send much on the first two rounds and whenever possible, pull in wins.

The game of poker can get very frustrating sometimes, but you should learn to keep your calm. Hence, another trap that players should not fall into is expressing their feelings and emotions in the game. Every move in poker must be taken very carefully and with a clear and stable mind. You should never let your emotions take control of your decisions. When you lose a couple of hands and let your anger loose, it will do nothing good to you. In fact, you’ll lose some more money. Making your decisions both carefully and in time is very important. Keep check on your emotions and it will help you become a good poker player.

Another emotion that players should keep away from is feeling their hand’s strength. This is something you should never do. Every hand in poker should be plated considering its odds of it being the best on the table. Following your emotions and gut feel will take you nowhere in poker. Any good poker player will tell you that you should not play a hand unless the odds of its winning are very good. Asses the odds of your hand correctly and then decide to call or bet accordingly.

Another thing that players should keep in mind is not to back too many hands than required before the flop. Players often make this mistake; they keep on playing a weak hand. They hold on with it too long and lose a lot of their chips. As a novice, you should learn to fold most hands pre-flop. Even if the bet is small, a lot of such small bets will eventually yield to be a big part of the stack. The maximum any player should play is around 25% of the hands.

Many players think they have a strong hand just because they have face cards. You should realize that every time a face card is present, it doesn’t mean you have the strongest hand. You should not keep playing when you have nothing. Also remember that losing any money is bad in a sense. So, you need to be careful about your bets and calls.

So, you should have understood by now that all I want to say is that all poker players should eliminate some situations and problems in their games. Above mentioned are only some of these things. There might be some of these that apply to you and if that’s true, you should work to eliminate that. You should not let your game be affected by these problems.

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