Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mistakes in poker??......there is no room for them here.

Poker is a long term game, in a sense that a single round can’t decide whether you won or lost. The way you played the previous round always is a deciding factor in how well you would fare in this round. If you played one round well, that doesn’t mean you’ll do well in the final table. It’s important to be focused while playing poker. You must be able to concentrate on the round and your move at hand.

You do not know whether you are going to have any next round or not. So, just concentrate on the round you are playing right now. This is because any small mistake you do now might be the reason for your loss later. In poker, mistakes are deadly, especially if they are compounded.

Mistakes in poker work in the same way as lies do. You might have started with a small lie, but with time, it goes on becoming bigger and bigger and then it is compounded with more lies as you try to cover the first one. Eventually, you’ll be caught up in a situation which find difficult to get out of. This is how mistakes in your game work too. They keep aggregating until you get knocked out.

But, you don’t have to fear making mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, even poker pros and veterans do. After all, mistakes make poker more profitable, be it online poker or table poker. Though everyone is bound to make mistakes and you’ll have made your share of mistakes too, you should learn to play on others’ mistakes and weaknesses.

The catch here is that you should not let you mistakes get bigger and bigger. You should know when to fold and when not to. You should also understand that sometimes, even losing a few chips can be a deadly mistake. You should learn to evaluate such situations. You need to pick carefully the rounds that you want to play and how you want to play them. You must be able to differentiate the hands that you should back with you chips and the ones that you should sit out of. It is not always necessary that you remain in the game. Sometimes if you notice that you have given away some chips and are not getting back any, it would be wise to opt out.

When there is a large pot to be won, the most common thing a novice close to the river will think is that he has already bet so much and he has to be in at any cost. This shows one of the common series of mistakes that drives a player out of the game. Obviously you should be looking for ways not to add money to your opponents’ accounts because this will help you move further in the game. Keep concentrating at the move at hand. When you realize that you have made a mistake, just back out whenever possible. Do not let them aggregate and get you in a situation which you can’t get out of.

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