Thursday, 5 February 2009

Poker tactics and poker strategies

If you start looking for information on playing poker effectively, you will find a lot of free advice, especially on the internet. And more often than not, you will be reading articles by people who are not very good at the game. These people usually tend to stress more on poker tactics than poker strategies. In poker, a strategy is a thorough plan of action which will help you in the long run whereas tactics are just parts of some strategy.

Tactics are actually used as a part of the bigger strategy and the tactic itself can’t be used to reach the goal. Most of the novices do this mistake of concentrating more on tactics without seeing the big picture. In this way they make some moves that they feel will help the reach the immediate goal, but will not do any good to their game as a whole. And at this point, even if they realize that there is a need for a good strategy, it isn’t going to help them in any way. In fact they will do more harm to themselves by introducing themselves to some more tactics.

In poker, your winning or losing depends on the decisions that you make on the spur of the moment and this leads to people using more tactics than concentrating on the strategy as a whole. Short term decisions will hinder your gaming strategy. Poker isn’t as complex a game as seems to be, but the lack of a proper strategy will make very complicate for sure. For, players who mostly rely on tactics, it will be very difficult to get through the game. What you should understand here is that having a good strategy for yourself will simplify your decision making process.

Implementing a good poker strategy might seem to be a very difficult task, but actually, it isn’t. It’s just as difficult as your goal is. In fact, playing a strategy just for fun or to test yourself will be very easy, but playing a strategy to win will be quite difficult. This is because you will have to have good skill at that game and also implement a lot of tactics too. So, the difficulty of playing a strategy will increase with increasing level the goal you set for yourself.

A good and effective strategy can be compared to a road map. It tells you where to go, what are the roadblocks and it shows you where you are going. Not having a proper strategy is like knowing your destination but not knowing how to make it to it. We know that studying a map properly will help us get to our destination with minimum amount of fuss. Similar is the case with poker and poker strategies. So, if you want to make it big in online poker or table poker, set up a strategy that best suits you, study it thoroughly and stick to it, you should follow it religiously.

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